Monday, March 23, 2009

"Copying Isn't Theft", re-thunk

Over at, I noticed an interesting public challenge: take one woman's little ditty about how copying isn't actually theft (because it doesn't result in the loss of the original item), and play around with it musically. So this afternoon, I spent a couple of hours doing just that.

Here are the lyrics of the song, originally by Nina Paley, with minor tweaks to fit the cadence of my version of the song:

Copying isn't theft. Stealing a thing leaves one less left. Copying it makes one thing more. That's what copying's for. Copying isn't theft. If I copy yours, you'll have it too That's one for me and one for you. That's what copies can do. If I steal your bicycle right out from under you, You'd have to take the bus. But if I just copy it, making one into two, There's one for each of us! Making more of a thing — That is what we call copying Sharing ideas with everyone That's why copying's fun. That's why copying's fun. Copying is fun.

And here's the recording, in a couple of different formats:


  1. Wow. I love it! And your voice is beautiful too -- what'dja do, run it through the beautiful filter?

    It's posted at now.

  2. @Karl: On the contrary, I ran it through a TooManyRockConcerts filter, for the gritty goodness matched only by a 15-year chain-smoking habit.

  3. I used your version of the song for a miniature lip-dub/music video thing at the end of this video: