Wednesday, September 9, 2015

"Precious Lord"

A few weeks ago, I challenged myself to write a song that was a bit more closely tied to the Gospel of Jesus Christ than to the goodness of God generally, and especially to target lyrics that carried a bit more emotion than my typical fare.

The result was a song called "Precious Lord", which I was blessed to be able to share with my church family recently in a performance with my wife and two sons.

Here are the lyrics:
"Precious Lord"

Son comes up.  Blood flows down.
Word made flesh; Truth made jest; curse made crown.
Sun goes dark. Love's work done.
Landscapes shake; strongholds quake; Love has won.

Precious Lord, please forgive.
Draw me close; help me live for you.

Precious Lord. Here I stand, no defense.
Stained by sin, scrubbing crimson fingerprints.
Then Son comes up. Day breaks new.
Life beats Death; Christ breathes breath; Love breaks through.

Precious Lord, please forgive.
Draw me close; help me live for you.
And one day, let my reward
Be the sight of my Precious Lord.
© 2015 C. Michael Pilato. Available for use under the cc-by-3.0 license.
I was also able to convince Amy to track her vocal part in a demo recording of the song.  The mix is a bit vocal-heavy, and the lead guitar part pretty sloppy.  But it will serve, at a minimum, as an audible snapshot of this moment in my artistic development.  I hope you enjoy it!

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