Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Subversion Vision Conference in NYC

I'm in New York City for the Subversion Vision Conference. Follow my daily progress reports via the Submerged blog.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Flaming Dragons

Another season of youth soccer is upon us. Gavin's decided to take up piano this season, but Aidan is happy to have moved up to Harrisburg Parks and Recreation's 5/6 age bracket, the first in which the kids get to play actual soccer games.

The two guys I coached with last season on Gavin's team — Darryl Strack and Bobbie Middleton — have moved up with their kids to the 7/8 age bracket and are coaching together again. I ran into them last weekend, where I learned that their team had chosen the name "Flaming Dragons". I had a lot of fun with these guys last Fall with our Soccer Monsters team, including designing a team logo which we had made up into stickers and iron-on patches. So when Bobbie asked me last Saturday if I'd be willing to do the same for their new Flaming Dragons team, how could I pass that up? When eating lunch later day, I scratched out a rough idea in crayon (on the table top at Supper Restaurant) for the logo:

Then, I spent a few evening hours this week converting that simple drawing into a real vector artwork file:

Meanwhile, Aidan's team has chosen the name "Hot Lava". Not … really … sure what to do about that one just yet.