Monday, October 15, 2012

Logos "in the wild" ... still weird to me

I still can't get used to seeing my Harrisburg Parks and Recreation soccer logos "in the wild". What began as a simple logo for my son's soccer team a few years ago grew into the opportunity to do logos for the big kids, too, and then evolved (with the assistance of at-that-time coordinator David Karpey) into the chance to design official logos for the Harrisburg Parks and Recreation sports programs.

Naturally, I started with soccer (as a fork of the adult league design I'd already done):

... then continued with baseball:

... and softball:

I never got around to finishing the flag football and basketball designs, and to be honest I haven't even noticed if the baseball and software designs ever got used. But it's kinda cool to see the two-color version of the soccer logo all over my town every Saturday of the Spring and Fall.

If anything, it's a great reminder of the many benefits of living in a smaller town, where unexceptional guys like myself can have opportunities of this sort to do something for the community simply for the love of it all: the love of a gracious God who bestows talent and desires that we serve Him and each other with it, the love of art, the love of the sport (and by "the sport" I mean, of course, soccer), and the love of the Harrisburg community.