Friday, April 16, 2010

Hot Lava

I caved. I couldn't take the pressure. In a moment of Crayola insanity — an opportunity once again afforded by the wait for delicious food at Supper — I submitted to forces beyond my control and scratched out a logo design for my son's soccer team, the Hot Lava:

I snapped the above photo with my not-so-featureful-or-powerful camera phone and emailed it to myself on the spot. Later, I took the image and used it as a template to work up a vector graphic representation of the logo idea. This was a much less complicated bit of work than the Flaming Dragons logo I recently did, but that's okay — these are 5- and 6-year-old kids.

Here's the final work:

The team's head coach seems to like it, at least if I'm correctly interpreting "DUUUUUDE!!! THAT ROCKS!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!". So I guess it's a "go". I really enjoy doing these simple little projects. The smiles on the kids faces easily justifies the minimal cost I put into creating the logos.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Subversion Chat at CollabNet Virtual Conference

Tomorrow, April 15, 2010, CollabNet is hosting its first ever virtual conference. Entitled "Agile ALM for Distributed Development", the fully virtual event is focused around the methodologies and products which make Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) possible and efficient, especially where geographically distributed teams need to collaborate seamlessly.

I'm hosting a "scheduled chat" on Subversion at 7:30am PDT. So, if you're available and online tomorrow around that time, and you'd to chat live with me about Subversion, then do the following:

  1. Register for the conference. (Now! Go do it!)
  2. Login at the appropriate time to the conference using the instructions you receive from the registration process.
  3. Once logged in, visit the "Communication Center".
  4. Click the "Scheduled Chats" item.
  5. Click the "Subversion for the Enterprise" chat item. (It will only become a live link at the time of the session.)

This is a free-form chat with no agenda, so come with your questions. See you there!